Healthier food for healthier life: The Regenerative Leadership Institute course

Considering healthier diet doesn’t necessarily have to be motivated by the attempt to lose weight and gain slim, attractive figure. Even small, but adequate and effective changes in your routine diet can lead to impressive results and effects on many aspects of your life. Aside from improving your overall health and wellness, energizing you and consequentially increasing your effectiveness at work, in the family, re-creative sports and finally, improving your general mood, making you feel significantly better about yourself and the life as it is. However, it’s not just about the amount of food and the type of food we take.

Nowadays, when there’s a lot of suspicions about the mere quality of the food we eat, the influence of the genetic modification and the industrial processes of breeding and preparation of the food, more and more people turn to organic food and natural sources of nutrition. The Regenerative Leadership Institute, as the leading nation’s educational center for sustainability, leadership, and permaculture, provides courses on this matter too.

The content of the courses

The first thing you’ll certainly gain in these courses is a strong and valid theoretic ground about healthy nutrition. All the information you might need or want to know is provided by well educated, experienced and available experts in the Regenerative Leadership Institute. It will include the analyzing of various food ingredients, calculations of the calories, combinations of various foods, learning about the metabolic reaction, the way your body processes various nutrients and the way food affects your body, as well as learning about different types of diets, their pros, and cons. It will give you a clear idea of how your healthy diet should look like and how to create it without depriving your body of any essential substance. Further, the focus of the courses is to teach students how to produce their organic food and to include raw food into their diets.


Modern farming

The Regenerative Leadership Institute provides unique courses and workshops focused on modern farming. Once the students learn essential about healthy diet, the importance of the organic and raw food, they get the chance to implement their theoretic knowledge and apply it to their lives. The workshops are designed to train students to cultivate their gardens, breed, manufacture and process their food. All of these projects are designed according to the basic permaculture principles taught at the Regenerative Leadership Institute. Courses, also, include lessons about choosing an adequate soil, watering systems and all other adjustments necessary for the modern form of private farming.

Completion of the course

The final phase of the course integrates all the previous aspects of the course preparing students for direct applying of everything gained during course into their private lives or their communities. The solid theoretic grounding about healthy diet and nutrition is combined with the processes of food manufacturing and combined into the individualized scheme that includes regular exercising and various other aspects of healthy life. As a result, students get their personal model of healthy sustainable living that will benefit them in the long run.