Principles of designing a green home

One of the major topics studied at the Regenerative Leadership Institute refers to the principles of designing, building and maintaining green homes and consequentially greener and sustainable society. Since climate changes and running out of some natural sources we use are in the spotlight of public attention for decades, the need to switch our architecture to more ecological approach imposed itself as a necessary one. The courses dedicated to this topic at the Regenerative Leadership Institute teach about energy efficiency, various modern methods of ecological heating and cooling, solar panels, taking advantage of the wind power and other features that determine green, but still solid and with high-performance family homes. Building a green home is a science and art per se. Thus you’ll have to go through the whole course to master all required knowledge about it. Here are just some of the major subject the course teaches that have to be considered in the green design.

Energy efficiency is essential

There’s a myriad of aspects and influences that should be considered and designed properly to create energy efficient house that will thermoregulate, light and run house items with minimal energy costs. The strategy includes location of the house, majority of windows facing south, adequate and quality building envelope, quality windows, doors and walls and after all – reasonable size of the home.

Using green materials


Aside from the option of using re-claimed building materials, there’s a lot of expert’s knowledge that should be applied when choosing the right kind of building material to achieve the green design. These materials have specific characteristics that add up to the trend of green building, and their effect is usually seen and proven in the long run. The good example is installing of led lights that will save you both energy and money and provide solid thermoregulation during warm days. The same goes for the appliances burning less toxic fuels or having various filters integrated into the system.

Saving with specific appliances

Energy efficiency, decreased pollution, money saving and higher ecological standard can be achieved by installing specific appliances into your home. Knowing what type of fridge or stove or any other appliance to purchase to align it with green standards, also requires a certain level of specific knowledge that you will gain during courses about green designing and green building at the Regenerative Leadership Institute.