Regenerative culture course

The major idea Regenerative Leadership Institute promotes is the idea and principles of the permaculture and healthy sustainable living. These models of organizing our personal lives, as well as our communities, have a strong potential to improve our whole society and to impact the lifestyle on a global level. However, the truth is that the change has to come from the inside of every one of us. The basic principle of the permaculture suggests that we should reconnect our lives with nature and natural courses. But this approach will never be established unless every one of us becomes fully aware of our inner self, our environment and our personal responsibility towards the world we live in. In the middle of the modern life’s rush, somewhere in the urban areas, this is almost impossible to be achieved. It is why Regenerative Leadership Institute occasionally organizes specific courses based upon regenerative culture.

The purpose of these courses

Simply put, the main goal of these courses is to bring you closer to nature and consequentially to yourself. The courses include seven days of camping program and workshops focused on meditation, meaningful communication, exercising and studying of the mere nature and natural patterns surrounding us. These seven days will align you with nature, establish the harmony within you, clarify your thoughts, help you eliminate toxic habits and gain inner strength for a big change in your life. Getting familiar and close with wilderness will help you study the nature on how to overcome some obstacles in life.

Schedule of the camping program


Considering the common issue that many members of the camp have their lives deeply rooted in the urban lifestyle and potentially have no camping experience, the Regenerative Leadership Institute organizes these camps in some local park or near the forest. You’ll spend time in true nature, but surrounded with just enough urban elements not to overwhelm you. The precise program and schedule of the workshops are usually planned right before camping, but it always includes plenty of exploring the nature guided by experts, specific training of communication and hours reserved for full solitude. Leaders guiding the camp often provide training of various skills useful for living in the wilderness, as well as the theoretic lessons about sustainability and its potential to change your life.

The essence of the regenerative culture

Regenerative culture courses promote nature’s high potential to heal, regenerate and direct back to the right path in life. Regenerative culture promotes exploring the nature in one thorough and deeply connected manner that will enable you to find all the answers and solutions for common everyday problems right there in the wild world. Combining this approach with planned instructions, lessons and workshop about permaculture and other skills required to form sustainable form of living, regenerative culture courses provide unique emotional and educational experience to everyone striving to align their lives and our society with our native roots.