Areas Of Application Of Mulch

Areas Of Application Of MulchMulch has very many uses in very many different areas. The greatest determinant of where it is applied or used is what it is made of. Mulch can be made from organic and inorganic compounds or what other people call biodegradable and non-boodegradable materials. Each of this materials has different qualities and while some functions may overlap, others remain specific to specific materials.

Gardens or farms
The first area of application for just about all types of mulch, organic and inorganic and with very few exceptions, is in the farm or for gardening. Mulch provides certain qualities that are essential and beneficial to the growth of crops or plants in general. Such properties are evenly divided across the board between organic and inorganic mulch. The functions provided by mulch in farming or gardening include, but are not limited to water or moisture retention, weed suppression, pest control among others. For specificity, organic mulch provides nutrient value to the soil while inorganic mulch does not since it does not decompose. Similarly rubber mulch, an inorganic mulch, provides better water retention and weed suppression in comparison to organic mulches.

Another very important area of application of mulches is in landscaping. The mulches used mostly in this area of application are inorganic. However, in instances where plants such as fruit plants and flower plants are involved, organic mulches can also be used. The main function of mulch here is to provide aesthetic value or beautify a place. Gravel and rubber mulches are common. Mulch dye also comes in handy in this area.

Play grounds
Children are vigorous when it comes to outdoor activities and the amount of injuries received as a result are many. Most of those injuries can however be prevented by the use of mulch. Originally, mulch made from straw and barks was thought to be better at breaking falls in play grounds. However, rubber mulch has been found to be much better and safer due to its elastic properties. The safety application of rubber mulch in play grounds has received a lot of support from concerned parties due to its effectiveness. At the same time, it is also considerably cleaner and with increased health benefits. Bark and straw mulches for instance, could decompose and the resultant humus could be harmful to asthmatic children.

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