Design Life In Compliance With Nature!

The closer we are to running out of our current sources of energy, fuels, water, fresh air and nutrition, the closer we are to the emerging of one whole new world based on different approaches, ideas, and principles. The modern future world built in a tight relationship with nature and ecosystems.

The Regenerative Leadership Institute is educating and preparing more than 200 000 students in almost 200 countries to become the leaders and initiators of this future world. The Regenerative Leadership Institute is the international school specialized in sustainable living, leadership and permaculture design courses and workshops. With the ultimate goal to trigger local and global changes to the healthier world, we re-connect our students with nature, teach them to work along with natural cycles and to adjust their lives using biomimicry principles. The Regenerative Leadership Institute is the largest international source of educational programs focused on permaculture and sustainability. Our courses include learning about solar design, recycling programs, soil regeneration and land restoration processes, natural building construction, rainwater harvesting, smart design of permaculture models, renewable energy options and much more.

All the courses are synchronized with natural cycles and seasons, so all students get a chance to apply their gained knowledge out there at the field directly. At the mere core of everything we teach is the strategy to restore our collective heritage, bring people back to their roots and connection with nature and finally – to design impressive sustainable models of living available to anyone and based upon compliance with nature and our planet.

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